Waterhorse Farm

Our Team

We believe that everyone who works at Waterhorse Farm plays a vital role. Whether a rider, owner, trainer or groom, any of these people can be seen mucking stalls, braiding at the show or bathing a horse. Each member is chosen because of their love of the equestrian world as well as their practical skills; this shared outlook creates a comfortable and friendly environment for horses and clients to enjoy with us. 

We offer quality boarding and a great atmosphere for both horse and rider.  We take competing seriously without losing the fun or the idea of always striving for a "personal best" as well as ribbons.  Our students, clients and horses are highly successful at the local and national levels of competition.   Head trainer, Jeff Martin, has a great work ethic and stresses horsemanship in all his coaching and riding.  

We invite you to come visit the farm, visit us at horse shows, or call us for coaching, horse sales or other services.  We will be happy to accommodate you in any way that we can.

Jeff Martin                                                 

Jeff Martin has switched  careers and is now the Ocean Technologies Business Manager for CSA Ocean Sciences in Stuart, FL.  Jeff's background in applied mathematics and marine technology have thrust him into the world of marine mammal acoustic detection and recognition.  Jeff still rides & maintains horses with his partner and WHF owner, Mary Jo Barkaszi, and is always happy to help where clients and horses are concerned; however, he is no longer available on a regular, professional basis. 

Chris Bradley

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Kaleigh Barkaszi

Kaleigh is carrying on in her mother's footsteps with a passion for the showjumping ring. Despite starting with the challenging task of showing Rusty - a strong-willed pony with very definite ideas and a wicked sense of humor - her enthusiasm remained undimmed and her spirit unbroken!  Kaleigh competes in the jumper divisions and Big EQ as well as assisting with the young horses at the farm and general barn duties.

Siobhan Kielty 

Siobhan is from the UK and came to work in the US as a show groom.  Siobhan has been an integral part of WHF for 5 years and her personality and care for horses is second to none.  Siobhan's main interest is young horses and we ahve developed a young horse training program around her uncanny ability and endless patients to help US breeders start their offspring correctly and confidently.   She starts our youngsters and from ground work to backing through W-T-C and ground poles. Our youngsters leave Siobhan's training happy and confident with the basics, and are ready to be handed off to the next level.  

Kim Jackson - Groom

Kim has been with us for several years and is devoted to each and every horse. Her care of our animals and attention to detail plays a large part in maintaining the happy, healthy horses that we pride ourselves on here at Waterhorse Farm.

She is based at our home and breeding facility in Cocoa. She can often be found by the rustling noise from the peppermint candies in her pocket!

Martha Redman - Rider

As the right-hand man for top Grand Prix rider Callan Solem, as well as a successful competitor on her own mounts, Martha is in great demand for HITS Ocala.We were lucky enough to have her on board for the 2010 season. Whether putting young horses in the ring for the first time or showing more experienced mounts in the higher-level jumpers, Martha brings a level of skill and patience that make her a pleasure to watch.

She has now headed back North for the summer and it looks like she will be in South Florida in 2011 and although she will be greatly missed,  we look forward to seeing her have continued success wherever she goes!   Best of luck Martha - you are one of a kind!!!!